Soulful & Joyful Art


Simon, Entrepreneur

"Midnight Hands: I bought one of Christina's early works, as I fell in love with the energy of the piece, as well as the sense that it was a painting like a sculpture, the warmth of a body emanating from the white canvas."

Geoffroy, Life Coach and Entrepreneur

"I was first exposed to Christina's art at the finissage of her first exhibition in Brussels. I managed to 'steal' her for a long moment so that she would explain her art to me. I had a real and immediate liking to what I saw both abstract and figurative! I didn't buy then, not that I didn't like it but I waited till her art grew on me. In the meantime, we became close friends and I ended up buying first 'Etudes de Fjord' which stroke me at the exhibition and which evokes movement, sea and ice, all things that fascinate me! It's proudly hanging in my living room for all of us to enjoy everyday. She is very dear to me so I am not neutral when I say that but she is also a great person!"

Gryté, Communication Manager

"The painting Down with the Demons caught my boyfriend’s eye already in the exhibition, however, it took more than one year for us to finally decide to purchase it. Actually, I have decided to offer it to my boyfriend for his birthday and I am so happy about this decision – he said it was the best gift he ever got! Christina was very helpful and enjoyed the art selling process as much as I have enjoyed buying it. She gave a piece of advice how to take care of the painting and was happy to let it go to home where her art would be appreciated. The buying process was not commercial but a very well communicated and intimate experience."

Harald, Head of Communications

"Christina created the most moving piece of art for me: a large triptych, which I had commissioned for my new office in Berlin. I wanted it to be abstract and powerful - other than that I gave Christina absolute artistic freedom. When I saw the finished piece, I was over the moon: it is everything and more I had wished for. Every time I look up from my desk now, my eyes meet a sight of energy, inspiration, and beauty."

Barbara, Project Manager

"The postcards are just lovely. I was already so happy to receive them, imagine how happy the people I send them to will be. Order, payment and delivery all went smoothly."

Franziska, Translator and Interpreter

"I ordered a bunch of Christina's lovely postcards. In addition to the abstract images, I really like the gorgeous images of animals. When the postcards arrived, I was surprised of the good quality. Compared to common postcards, Christina's postcards are a bit larger and thicker which make them high quality postcards."

Dorothy, Retired Educator and Baker

"I have two prints from Christina. One, a reclining figure, has beautiful bold colors and expression. The other captures the essence of being a dog and has a dream-like quality. Two of my favorite pieces!"

Matthias, Writer and Account Manager

"I was interested in the painting Gray Greyhound and I received a quick and very friendly response from Christina. Ordering was easy and the painting was delivered fast and safely from Brussels to Leipzig by postal service. Very good, secure packaging. I also liked that I could pay easily via PayPal, my favorite way of payment. And the painting just looks delightful!"