New York Part One

September 28, 2016
Categories: Process, Travel

New York is very special to me. I wanted to see this city where dreams come true for many many years.

I found myself at the end of a cold summer in Belgium with heart-breaking and also wonderful moments.  In the midst of future dreams and past lives, I wanted nothing more than to go far away for a while. When I discovered the art programs at New York Studio School, I decided to apply for their two-week Drawing Marathon.

Three weeks later, after I was accepted and all formalities had been taken care of, I was at the airport. I was nervous and curious about my first visit to the United States.

I remember arriving at JFK Airport, very tired and as happy as can be. Getting on the bus that would bring me to Grand Central Station. Listening to Empire State of Mind while looking at this new world that was welcoming me. Stepping on the side walk, entering Grand Central Station and marveling at its celestial ceiling.

Hello New York, I know your streets will make me feel brand new.

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I was able to stay in Manhattan for 3 weeks thanks to luck, fate and friendship. And some planning 😉

Several years ago, my good friend Florence traveled to New York to work and live on a farm upstate. She asked her former hosts if they knew someone in the city who might have a room for me. If they knew someone who knows someone … And surely enough, they did! I was referred to her friends Marita and Yale in Manhattan whose daughter had just moved out some weeks earlier to go to college.

They generously offered me to stay in the spare room in their beautiful apartment close to Central Park. It was magical. Talking to the door man (!) for the first time, riding the elevator up to the tenth floor and walking into a gorgeous apartment that could be featured on any interior design website.

I took a shower and a nap and woke up at 10 pm, hello jet lag. I remember my first trip to Whole Foods, buying some basics and lots of watermelon in a plastic jar. Standing on the side walk and thinking how amazing it is to simply watch the traffic in Manhattan. Life is good.

Read my diary of my time at New York Studio School and see more pictures in the second part of this post.