Soulful & Joyful Art

About Me

I was born in September 1986 in a small town nestled in the mountains in the east of Germany. The art that surrounded me back then was nature. Our wild garden with all kinds of flowers and trees as well as numerous cats and other animals was its own magical ecosystem.

Growing up, I felt I didn’t quite fit in and my biggest dream was to travel and live abroad. I couldn’t wait to finish school to start the adventure I felt was waiting for me.

In the following years I lived in France, Great Britain and Belgium and discovered many other places around the world that I only ever knew from movies and books. I followed my passion for languages and studied French and English literature and linguistics and then completed a Master’s in translation in Leipzig.

Wanderlust never ceased and after university I wanted to make my dream of living abroad for good come true. I’m more than grateful that my journey brought me to quirky and international Brussels. Here I can hear and speak several languages every day, I’ve found dear friends and colleagues and a place to explore my creativity.

Painting has been more of a rediscovered and just as powerful dream. Although I always loved working with my hands and creating things, it wasn’t until I was 24 that art became a priority.

While at university, I started taking classes, learning and teaching myself about painting and drawing. Since then I’ve been exploring the world of colors, textures and shapes. And today my first passion that led to becoming a translator is supporting my rediscovered passion for painting.

I’m developing my art in different directions, reaching from abstraction to figuration, but always in bold brush strokes and colors.

I love the intuitive experience of putting paint on paper or canvas without focusing too much on the outcome. Usually I don’t have a concrete plan, I just see where an inspiration – like a color, feeling or song – takes me.

I’m in control, yet not controlling.

I enjoy the process of painting just as I enjoy the process of creating my life. Being excited to start fresh and trying new things and being aware that challenges are an opportunity for growth. Cherishing the joy of completing a piece and seeing where the process took me.

Trying to value each moment of every step of the way.

If you want to know more about my process and inspiration, check out this interview.

Artist Statement

My work is about the juxtaposition of layers and embracing change. I believe that a surface is merely the starting point and that we have to examine things closely to get to the core of them. While I build up the layers, I scrape parts off or treat the painting with a wet cloth to see what I can reveal.

I usually work without a preconceived plan in mind and decide spontaneously where the process should go next. Changes are frequent and might also occur after several months or years. Finishing the artwork is a reflection of my satisfaction at a particular moment and not a finite decision.

I mainly use acrylics, watercolor, ink and charcoal, as well as furniture and wall paint. I work on canvas and paper and apart from traditional painting tools, I use my fingers, hands and arms to spread the paint, scrape it off or mix it directly on the surface. My influences are manifold, but it always comes down to contrasting elements, light and dark as well as force and gentleness.

I impact the brush strokes and marks with my whole body while dancing and applying or removing paint in an uncontrolled manner. Chance is another component of my work and it helps me to balance on the fine line of letting go versus getting lost.


How about a personalized painting, adapted to your space?

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I would love to help make your creative dream come true and will gladly guide you along the way.